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The Stars of the World’s Largest Production Are Spotlighted

Director Richard D. Lanni Kicks off
the 65th Anniversary USA Tour in
 Hollywood and New York with American
 Legion Post 43 in Hollywood and an
encore on WOR Radio in New York

The Americans on D-Day Premiere in Hollywood, CA

The Americans on D-Day Premiere in Hollywood, CA-The Americans on DDay premiere feature three generations of famlies and veterans celebrating the new film now on sale Online. (l-R) Morton Schecter, son Glen, Producer Richard Lanni, Terry Duddy, The American Legion Post 43 and 9 year old Grandson Ben Schecter.

New York, NY / Los Angeles, CA —  Hollywood’s American Legion Post 43 rolled out the red carpet this week for the stars of the world’s largest production – a film on the invasion of Normandy, “The Americans On D-Day.” Just under  100 people, mostly veterans, gathered at the 80-year old building in Hollywood to see the debut of a first of its kind film, now available on DVD Online (see details below).
Film Director Richard D. Lanni, who returns to New York today (Wednesday) to appear on the Joey Reynolds Show, WOR AM, New York, (10:00 PM EST) told the Hollywood American Legion audience, “I am honored to be here in America to salute U.S. soldiers on this 65th anniversary and to show our film that captures an accurate and powerful illustration of D-Day.”
“It’s great to see friends and veterans of the world’s most intense and largest production,” said Morton (Mort) Schecter, Northridge, CA, who brought his son, and nine-year old grandson, who led the mostly veteran attended ceremony in the flag salute and pledge of allegiance.
“When we flew over the English Channel, there were a million ships in the water, and I have yet to meet any of those guys who were on those ships,” said 85-year old retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Schecter, Northridge, CA, who flew as a United States Army Air Corps tail gunner in a B-24 Liberator warplane, the most produced U.S. military aircraft during World War II. He was assigned to the 467th Bomb Crew and 791st Bomb Squadron in England. “I’m lucky to still be here, because and the second day we had to abort our mission, and ended up crash landing in a field with six 1,000 pound bombs onboard,” he said. Schecter said he had an angel on his shoulder that day, and still has his list of the missions he flew.

 Schecter, who flew 35 missions out of England, is amongst the American Veteran heroes attending the premiere. He was assigned to the same division as Actor Jimmy Stewart. “Actor Jimmy Stewart was in our division, and he flew 28 missions. He entered the service as a buck private and when he died he was a General,” he said. “He used to visit veterans hospitals and the American Legion often.”
Also attending from Europe and the UK were film star Ellwood von Seibold, who has spent the last five years giving tours in Normandy. "D-Day became a focus point of my interest in life, and I decided to live a dream and move to France and take people all around these areas," explained Seibold. "And the producer and director of WW2-Reflections said 'why don't we put one of your tours on film in Normandy'."  For the full Story visit: 
To order the DVD visit: 



“2,000 D-Day Soldiers are dying at an alarming rate each month,” Producer Richard Lanni Told WOR AM News Talk Radio, New York


Producer/Director Richard Lanni talks to battle tour film host Ellwood von Seibold dress in a US Soldier uniform they worn on D-Day. )image by Mike Forster)

Producer/Director Richard Lanni talks to battle tour film host Ellwood von Seibold dress in a US Soldier uniform they worn on D-Day. )image by Mike Forster)

WOR AM NEWSTALK RADIO WITH JOEY REYNOLDS SHOW, Film Director Richard Lanni, WOR’s Historian Albert Wunsch and Producer Myra Chanin Talk Talk About D-Day.(click here to hear)  

Scene (right) from the new Film “The Americans on D-Day” (photo by Mike Forster). Producer Director Richard Lanni, WW2 Reflections told WOR AM he made the new film “Americans on D-Day” because, “I was concerned that the youth of today would forget what American Soldiers did in Normandy, and I wanted to produced something simple, something they can remember,” he said. Lanni is in New York on a media tour to help make American and especially, veterans of all wars to see or buy the film coming out on DVD later this month. Lanni plans to show the film free to all veterans at the Hollywood American Legion Post #43 on April 27th, Hollwood. Veterans must RSVP and

Media must RSVP with MAYO Communications, Los Angeles, 811-340-5300 or

A trailer of the film is posted at the bottom of this page. Below is a video of a surviving D-Day Soldier. The WOR AM interview with Richard Lanni on the Joey Reynolds show is also posted below. Veteran Howard Manioan Trailer Interview on D-Day Find more videos like this on Entertainment Publicity Marketing Public Relations Advertising James R. Lockhart, 29th Division: