150-ellwood_in_landing_crafElwood jumps in freezing cold water in real Army fatigues to show what American soldiers went through on D-Day. 


Labyrinth Media & Publishing Limited is a new media & publishing business based in Dubland, Ireland.

We specialize in WW2 Battlefield tour dvd’s aimed directly at the United States market.

The company has just completed its new tour film and first of a series entitled The Americans on D-Day. It is presented by Ellwood von Seibold, a battlefield historian and guide based in St Mere Eglise Normandy.

Ellwood has a strong following among members of the US military and has been asked to give a lecture at West Point. He is a passionate and articulate guide,who brings D-Day to us through the soldiers’ eye, but in real time. With the use of graphics and the testimony of veterans who took part, The Americans on D-Day is a unique look at that “Day of Days.”

The Docudrama or tour film, which is about 45 minutes in length should be available in April. We are looking forward to having  direct sales to the public using Amazon Filmbaby.com and our own company website, ww2-reflections.com. 
The big kickoff and launch of The Americans on D-Day in April, which be just in time ahead of the 65th anniversary celebrations.

Ellwood climbs steep hills just like American Soldiers did 65 years ago under heavy artillary fire.

Ellwood climbs steep hills just like American Soldiers did 65 years ago under heavy artillary fire.


This is the first in a series of films that we are planning, the others being, The American Breakout in Normandy and The Americans in the Bulge.

Please have a look around and subscribe to this site for updates, and please help spread the word for an important event in history and a tour of history on film.
There trailers of our film in which Captain Dale Dye (Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan) gives his endorsement. We look forward to your comments and look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories in April, too. Be sure to subscribe to our blog and forward the updates to friends and families, thanks!
Richard Lannis
Labyrinth Media & Publishing Limited
Dublin, Ireland

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818-340-5300 or 818-618-9229



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